John Hanlon

There was an interesting article in "The Hill" a couple of days ago about who the opponent of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be in November of this year. The article is not about the political opponent from her liberal Congressional district but the opponent she will "focus on" like she previously focused on former President Bush as the opponent in past elections. With the economy still struggling, it will be hard to focus on Pelosi's successes as Speaker of the House so it is likely that she would rather focus on the opposition than her own record.

"The Hill" article noted the following:

In her book, “Know Your Power”, Pelosi wrote that the first agenda item in winning campaigns is, 'You must take down the ratings of your opposition.'
She has also employed the strategy in moving stalled legislation ahead. 

In pressing healthcare reform last summer, Pelosi labeled health insurance companies 'villains.'

It is not clear who her chosen GOP villain will be in 2010.
Many of the Democrats running this year face an uphill battle so it will be interesting who Pelosi and her party choose this year to be the "villian".

President Bush again? Rush Limbaugh? Fox News?  

Whoever it is, Pelosi will likely want to talk about that "villian" rather than her record as Speaker...

John Hanlon

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