Porn Star Decides To Campaign As A Republican, If She Runs At All

Jillian Bandes
Posted: Apr 07, 2010 9:18 AM


A few months ago, Stormy Daniels, 31, started tossing around a potential Senate run in her home state of Louisiana. But she hadn't decided which party she wanted to join. After the RNC's lesbian-bondage nightclub scandal broke, Daniels decided to go Republican. Stormy's specialty seems to be lesbian-themed porn, but that's not why she said she's a GOP-er. Here's part of her press release:
As someone who has worked extensively in both the club and film side of the Adult Entertainment Industry, I know from experience that a mere $1900 outlay at a club with the reputation of Voyeur is a clear indication of a frugal investment with a keen eye toward maximum return.
Unfortunately, her strategy may backfire. If pornstar Stormy does run Republican, it's sure to inflict maximum damage on scandal-ridden incumbent Republican Sen. David Vitter.

Hey Hengler -- are you going to include this babe on your Democrat vs. Republican women video?