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Again with this nonsense? In fairness, it's the best argument they've got at this point:

Yes, Jay, there is a difference between anecdotes and data. The president loves anecdotes, whether they're true or not. The data on this issue is clear, according to a Gallup survey of employers, BLS stats, staffing agency analyses, and reporting from Reutersand National Journal. Let's run through the latest "anecdotal" evidence mounting against the president's signature law:

(1) On top of higher premiums, Obamacare's exchanges will also feature steeper out-of-pocket costs for many consumers...if they're ever operational, that is:

Consumers may have to dig a little deeper into their wallets to pay for health care in the Obamacare insurance exchanges, according to a new analysis by Avalere Health. The study of six states suggests that consumers could face steep cost-sharing requirements — like co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles — layered on top of their monthly premiums.

In addition to yesterday's ill-timed and embarrassing delay, the administration quietly acknowledged another problem that will affect Spanish-speaking citizens. Que barbaridad:

In a potentially more significant delay that affects the law's larger insurance market for individuals, the administration quietly told Hispanic groups on Wednesday that the Spanish-language version of the website will not be ready to handle online enrollments for a few weeks. An estimated 10 million Latinos are eligible for coverage, and 4 million of them speak Spanish primarily.

(3) The most popular question on as of yesterday dealt with how to avoid the law:

The answer, of course, is to be a member of Congress.

Harry Reid is vowing to preserve a job-destroying Obamacare tax that he himself has referred to as "stupid" and has voted to repeal in the past.

With his law drowning in a sea of its own failure, President Obama is lashing out at Fox News. Again.

If Democrats are going to try to blame Republicans for Obamacare's shortcomings (problem: zero Republicans voted for the law), they're going to have a tough time explaining the messes in Democrat-led Colorado, Oregon and Washington, DC.

The SEIU in Ohio is leading a strike to protest benefits cuts triggered by....Obamacare.

(8) Obamacare is hurting low-income single mothers:

Michelle La Voie wants health insurance, but as a single mom making $38,000 a year and supporting two teenagers, she's not sure she can afford it -- even with a subsidy through the federal health law known as Obamacare. When enrollment in new online insurance markets begins next month, La Voie will likely qualify for a subsidy to buy private insurance, but would still have to pay $191 a month, or about 6 percent of her income toward the premium. She could also face as much as $2,000 in potential out-of-pocket costs for hospital care and prescription drugs, if she needs those things. “What’s the point of having [a policy] if I can’t afford to use it?” asks the 47-year-old librarian in upstate Franklinville, N.Y., referring to the co-pays and deductibles she might incur.

He so desperately doesn't want to have to say "yes," for obvious reasons. This is painful:

: It's being considered, but we don't want to say so publicly. Dozens of Congressional Democrats have already peeled off, including the first blue Senator.

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