Guy Benson

I'm on my way to Ames, Iowa, where I'll be joining forces with Hot Air's Ed Morrissey and Tina Korbe to cover Thursday's GOP debate, and Saturday's straw poll.  We'll have a lot more analysis leading up to both events, but it's no secret that this weekend could prove pivotal for former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's campaign.  "T-Paw" is desperately seeking to catch fire and catapult himself back into the top tier of Republican contenders.  His team's latest ad will surely garner some attention.  It hits President Obama hard:


How brutal is Pawlenty's hand at the moment?  Almost as brutal as that spot.

UPDATE - As an added treat, I'll include a very effective attack ad running in NV-02, the special election to replace now-Senator Dean Heller.  The NRCC got its hands on a golden soundbyte from Democratic candidate, Kate Marshall, and ran with it: "I'm in charge of your money.  You have less money today than you had yesterday."  Gaffetastic:


Come to think of it, that would make for a killer campaign slogan.  Democrats 2012:  We're in charge of your money.  You have less money today than you had yesterday.

Guy Benson

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