Elisabeth Meinecke
According to Students for Life, a reoccurring case of vandalism against pro-life symbols on the Clarion University campus in Pennsylvania hit a new level last week on the Wednesday before Easter Sunday.

Students for Life reports on the disgusting vandalism:

"In a breathtaking public display of anti-Christian and anti-Life motivations, 350 crosses were pulled up and re-inserted in inverted fashion, a well-known anti-Christian symbol. Additionally, red paint was splattered on crosses and signs. Even eerier was the mock bloody footprints of an infant painted in front of the display."

The display is part of the university's Students For Life chapter's "Life Week" and is an annual tradition, according to the Students for Life blogpost. The display consists of white crosses and signs explaining each cross represents 10 abortions of those performed daily.

Here's one picture of the vandalism, and go to their blogpost to see more.


Elisabeth Meinecke

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