Daniel Doherty

One truly sad chapter in American history ended when American GIs returned home from the war in Vietnam. Many of these armed forces personnel had reservations about joining the war effort, but were legally bound and went willingly to serve after being drafted via the selective service process.

But many of these men (and the brave women who voluntarily stood up to serve as well) were never properly recognized for what they did.

It remains vitally important, I think, that we pay tribute to these often-overlooked veterans who were never properly welcomed home or celebrated for their military service. One way we can show our respect to all who served in this conflict, and in particular on this Memorial Day, is to honor their fallen comrades killed overseas in service to their country.

And yet years after the conflict ended, President Ronald Reagan -- in typical fashion -- did honor them in a way that was so stirring and appropriate at Arlington National Cemetery in 1984 that I felt the video of his remarks simply must be included as an essential part of today’s ongoing commentary.

Simply put, you must watch this. And make sure to have a handful of tissues nearby:

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Daniel Doherty

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