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On Friday, as Kevin and Guy both noted, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax returns to the American public. Not only did we learn that the former Massachusetts governor paid taxes every single year since 1990, thus discrediting the Senate Majority Leader’s preposterous accusations, but he also paid $2 million in taxes last year alone and gave about $4 million (or nearly 30% of his annual income) to charity. In any case, now that we have these new figures, which presidential candidate paid the highest tax rate and gave the most to charity in 2011? Over to you, Yahoo! News:

Tax rates and charitable giving in 2011

President Barack Obama:

Income: $790,000

Federal taxes: $162,000

Tax rate: 20.5 percent

Charitable donations: $172,000

Percentage of income: 22 percent

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney:

Income: $13.7 million

Federal taxes: $1.94 million

Tax rate: 14.1 percent

Charitable donations: $4 million

Percentage of income: 29.35 percent

Vice President Joe Biden:

Income: $379,178

Federal taxes: $87,900

Tax rate: 23 percent

Charitable donations: $5,500

Percentage of income: 1.46 percent

Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan:

Income: $323,416

Federal taxes: $64,764

Tax rate: 20 percent

Charitable donations: $12,991

Percentage of income: 4 percent

President Obama maintains that “the rich” aren’t paying their fair share in taxes -- and perhaps he’s correct -- even though a supermajority fundamentally disagree with his definition of fairness. But this much is clear: Mitt Romney gave substantially more money to charity (as a percentage of his income) than the president did last year. The former governor may be a lot of things -- but greedy just isn't one of them.

Daniel Doherty

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