Cortney O'Brien

Texas Democrats may have voted Wendy Davis as their nominee for governor in Tuesday's primary, but it wasn’t pretty.

Aaron Pena, a former member of the Texas House of Representative, shared a few of the embarrassing results:

Just how little? Try $900.

This fall, reports showed Davis had raised “less than $700 from the four largest cities in the Rio Grande Valley.”

Even more amusingly, Davis's opponent claimed $0 in contributions on his campaign finance report in January. Yet, he still came out on top.


Question: How does Battleground Texas think they’re going to “Turn Texas Blue” by neglecting one of the most important regions in the state?

It’s perhaps no surprise South Texans rallied behind Ray Madrigal, a pro-life Democrat, instead of someone who became famous for this.

Cortney O'Brien

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