Cortney O'Brien

President Obama turns 52 today. To celebrate, I came up with a list of gifts I'd like to give him if I ever had the chance - all in good fun of course.

1. A Calculator - For times when his math just doesn't add up.

2. A Map - For the times he can’t seem to remember how many states we have.

3. An audition for Motown: The Musical - Because of his mad pipes.

4. Legos - So when he assembles a complicated robot, he can look in the mirror and finally say, “You did built that.”

5. A restraining order from Chris Matthews - Because of things like this.

6. Tickets to the arcade – To redeem himself with a round of skee ball, because everyone’s seen his attempt at skeet shooting.

7. Basketball lessons - Because.

8. Golf lessons Because.

9. Twinkies – Why not? They’re back in business!

10. A Monopoly board game – So he can be the banker and “spread the wealth around.

I may not agree with all of his policies, but hey, everyone deserves to enjoy their special day. So, Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Cortney O'Brien

Cortney O'Brien is Townhall's Deputy News Editor. Follow her on Twitter @obrienc2.

Author Photo credit: Jensen Sutta Photography