Christine Rousselle

Huntley Project High School senior Koni Dole has had quite the year.

Last October, Dole was attempting to tackle an opposing player when his leg brutally snapped in two, resulting in a compound fracture that eventually became infected with C. diff bacteria, necessitating its amputation. Dole was told that he was unlikely to ever play football again.

Dole took the news in stride, and immediately hit the weight room upon being released from the hospital, seeking to prove his doctors wrong. He joined the wrestling team only three months after losing his leg, and ran track in the spring.

It is believed that Dole is the first person with a prosthetic leg to play football in Montana, and had to gain special approval from the state before appearing in a game with his “blade” leg. Approval was granted only three days before the first game of the season. The lower part of the leg will detach, similar to a ski, if too much pressure is placed on it.

Huntley Project High School won the game 45-0, with Dole scoring two touchdowns and recording one sack. He has been offered a preferred walk-on spot at Montana State University.

Christine Rousselle

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Author Photo credit: Jensen Sutta Photography