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Apparently, this was a giant misunderstanding ... a joke. ... more

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CNN: "The trials together as the prosecution requested 'is not in the interest of justice.'" ... more

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'Am I dying? I know I'm dying. Just hand me my walkie-talkie.'" ... more

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Just after 2 a.m. on May 28, 2014, the Habersham County SWAT team broke down the door of a Cornelia, Georgia home and threw a flash-bang grenade into the residence. ... more

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ix major law enforcement organizations representing more than one million law enforcement officers across the country have sent scathing letters to Senators and President Obama opposing Adegbile's nomination. ... more

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Earlier this week the National Fraternal Order of Police, an organization representing 330,000 men and women in law enforcement, sent a letter to President Obama strongly opposing Abegbile's nomination. ... more