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Paul Greenberg - Mon Apr 13

Mona Charen - Tue Jun 11

Jacob Sullum - Wed Apr 24

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, captured last Friday evening, was not informed of his right to remain silent and his right to a lawyer until Monday morning, nearly three days after his arrest. ... more

Julie Borowski - Sat Mar 9

In the spirit of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Senator Rand Paul delivered the filibuster speech that was trending worldwide on Twitter on Wednesday. He wanted a direct answer from the White House to this simple question: does the U.S. government have the authority to kill an American citizen with a drone on U.S. soil? ... more

Paul Kengor - Fri Mar 8

Today,Ronald Reagan’s Evil Empire speech turns 30 years old. It stands as one of the most memorable orations of the last three decades. It coined a phrase, a tag, a label—one that utterly fit. If the shoe fits, wear it. Well, this jackboot fit the Soviet ogre’s foot. ... more

Guy Benson - Thu Mar 7

Jacob Sullum - Wed Oct 31

During the final presidential debate, the moderator asked Mitt Romney about President Obama's policy of killing suspected terrorists, including U.S. citizens, with missiles fired from unmanned aircraft. "I believe we should use any and all means necessary to take out people who pose a threat to us and our friends around the world," Romney replied. "I support that entirely." ... more

Judge Andrew Napolitano - Thu May 17

Earlier this week, the federal government announced that the Air Force might be dispatching drones to a backyard near you. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun Jan 22

President Obama wants more tourists at Disneyworld. Mitt Romney wants the race for the nomination to be done already. And Newt Gingrich wants us to ignore his second ex-wife who claims that he once wanted an “open marriage.” ... more

Steve Chapman - Thu Jan 5

Back in 2007, when Barack Obama was running for president, a mildly surprising bit of news emerged: He and Dick Cheney were eighth cousins. Today, though, it appears that report was wrong. Judging from Obama's record in office, the two are practically brothers. ... more

Rachel Alexander - Thu Dec 8

Last week, the Senate voted 93-7 to pass S 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act. Congress has passed this Act every year since 1961. ... more

Judge Andrew Napolitano - Thu Dec 8

What if our rights didn't come from God or from our humanity, but from the government? What if the government really thinks we're not unique individuals with immortal souls, but just public property? What if we were only entitled to our natural rights if it pleased the government? What if our rights could be stripped away whenever the government considers us to be its enemy? ... more

Judge Andrew Napolitano - Thu Dec 1

Can the president use the military to arrest anyone he wants, keep that person away from a judge and jury, and lock him up for as long as he wants? In the Senate's dark and terrifying vision of the Constitution, he can. ... more