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Matt Vespa - Wed Dec 16

"The sweeping agreement that came after weeks of bipartisan negotiations is the broadest tax and spending deal since the January 2013 'fiscal cliff' agreement..." ... more

Matt Vespa - Tue Oct 27

It appears to have the votes. ... more

Gayle Trotter - Tue Oct 27

Katie Pavlich - Wed Oct 7

Priorities. ... more

Andre Walker - Wed Jul 8

Conservatives have presented their first solo budget since 1996, after winning May's election. The center piece of the budget was a $18bn cut in welfare by 2017-18, coupled with the introduction of a National Living Wage of $11.00 per hour. ... more

Vivian Hughbanks - Wed Apr 8

As the conflict in Ukraine continues and tension rises in the Baltics, the Pentagons proposed 2016 budget significantly cuts funding for U.S. military programs in the Eastern European region. ... more

Kurt Schlichter - Mon Mar 2

Its time to give current university system the Old Yeller treatment, except normal Americans will giggle when this rabid mongrel gets put down. ... more

Kurt Schlichter - Mon Mar 2