Tony Katz

Apartheid in South Africa - the systematic, institutionalized racism that berated, belittled and exploited the black population - was horrific. It told black people that they are less than human. It insulted their very existence. It is an evil concept that has no place in any society. So why are so many progressives willing to dismiss the hate perpetrated on blacks, and use the term improperly to gain themselves a cheap political advantage?

Progressives use the term "apartheid state" to make themselves look good when castigating others; they willfully and gleefully misrepresent history, and mock those who suffered through a lifetime of being placed as second-class citizens. "No worries," says the Progressive. "As long as I attacked some Republicans. Besides, my friends think I'm super cool and super caring."

As Israel continues to defend itself against thousands of missle strikes thus far (if it weren't for the Iron Dome, there would be many more dead Israelis. And, it has been pointed out, one day the Iron Dome will run out of missiles itself,) protests are taking place around the world to call out the treatment of those in Gaza.

At an anti-Israel rally in San Francisco, self-described Palestinian-American (really?) Reem Salem stated, ""We will stop the racism and apartheid state of Israel, we will not stop. And we will continue to come out and have our voices heard,"

Nevermind the confusion of the stopping and the not stopping and if either will happen. Calling Israel an apartheid state is the norm.

From the Times of Israel, reporting on anti-Israel protests in London:

Meanwhile, in London, tens of thousands took part in a march from British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office to the Israeli embassy, carrying placards reading “Stop the bombing, free Palestine”, “Stop Israeli state terror, join the socialists” and “End Israeli apartheid,” while also chanting slogans, such as “Israel is a terrorist state,” and calling for a Palestinian state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

Tony Katz

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