Tim Phillips

In less than two weeks, Americans will either elect a new President, or give Barack Obama four more years to continue carrying out his "transformation" of America. Given their utter failure to get our economy moving again, it's not surprising the Left is trying so hard to keep the public's attention off their performance and on extraneous matters like the supposed "war on women" or the "war on Big Bird." And of course, their populist class warfare language has become their Alamo -- the last line of defense.

Our focus must relentlessly remain on the economy and how the big government policies of the last four years have crippled economic freedom and therefore prosperity.

For example, just this week a shocking statistic from a recent poll commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers and the National Federation of Independent Businesses came to light. The poll found that fifty-five percent of small business owners would not start a company in today’s economy. Sixty nine percent of those polled say the regulatory environment under President Obama has hurt their business. These aren’t just partisan attacks on the President – only 46 percent of the participants identified as Republicans.

The revelation that the majority of small business owners fear a second Obama term should be pivotal news. This is the community on which we all rely – the innovators, job creators, producers, and only true engine of economic growth. Alarmingly, President Obama himself seems largely tone deaf to the complaints from the business community. Exhibiting a case of severe cognitive dissonance, the President insists that a continuation of the same economic policies that now terrify business owners will somehow jumpstart the economy. It just doesn’t make any sense. The opinion of these individuals matters a great deal. By necessity, business owners focus on profit and loss, and don’t have the luxury of being swayed by political grandstanding.