Terry Jeffrey
The ultimate purpose of the U.S. military is simple: Defend the God-given liberty of Americans. Yet today we have a president who is using his power as commander in chief to wage war against the moral truth that makes liberty possible.

Last week, outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta executed a directive from President Obama that requires the military to treat cohabitating homosexuals as if they were married couples.

Panetta did so in a memorandum he sent to the secretaries of the military departments and to the undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness.

"At the direction of the president, the department has conducted a careful and deliberative review of the benefits currently provided to the families of service members," Panetta wrote. "We have now identified additional family member and dependent benefits that we can lawfully provide to same-sex domestic partners of Military Service members and their children through changes in Department of Defense policies and regulations."

"These benefits shall be extended to the same-sex domestic partners and, where applicable, children of same-sex domestic partners, once the service member and their same-sex domestic partner have signed a declaration attesting to the existence of their committed relationship," said Panetta.

Panetta attached to his memo a copy of the "Declaration of Domestic Partnership" that cohabitating homosexuals must use to attest to the U.S. government they are in fact in the kind of "committed relationship" Panetta and Obama have in mind.

"For purposes of this declaration," it says, "the following definitions apply: Domestic Partner means a person in a domestic partnership with a service member of the same sex. Domestic Partnership means a committed relationship between two adults, of the same sex, that meets all of the requirements below."

One of the requirements is: "Neither of us is married (legally or by common law), joined in civil union with, or domestic partners with anyone else." Instead of taking unbreakable vows before God -- as married people do -- domestic partners in Obama's military will attest to the commander in chief that they are "two adults of the same sex."

Once cohabitating homosexuals have certified this, the military will grant them benefits that include joint duty assignments, space-available travel on DOD aircraft, child care, legal assistance, dependent ID cards, commissary privileges, exchange privileges, welfare and recreation programs, youth programs, transportation to and from primary and secondary school for minor dependents, "family center programs" and participation in surveys of military "families."

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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