Tarren Bragdon

Posted March 05, 2010

The president is ready for another close up. Last week, not only did he offer his much-awaited health care proposal, but he was joined by Congressional leaders from both political parties for a televised summit on health care reform.

Posted September 24, 2009

Tarren Bragdon: Reading the bill and knowing how much it costs are the first two items on Senator Olympia Snowe's health care reform agenda. The failure of Democrats on the Finance Committee to recognize that fact may very well signal the end of any hope for bipartisanship in health care reform.

Posted September 08, 2009

I met with Senator Snowe personally during the August recess back here in Maine when she spoke with dozens of Maine folks in a series of health care talks throughout the state.

Posted July 23, 2009

The Democrats are touting a "public option" health care plan as a solution to our health care woes. They are ignoring places that the public option has been tried and has failed.