Steven Aden

Political campaigns make strange bedfellows. In some cases, they attract seemingly unrelated groups who donate money for a cause they both support.

A perfect demonstration of this was seen recently in Anchorage, Alaska, where the push to amend the city’s non-discrimination code to include “sexual orientation” and “transgender identity” brought together Tim Gill, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest.

While it’s not surprising to see Gill financially supporting the homosexual agenda, most people probably never thought about Planned Parenthood giving $25,000 to the effort to change the Anchorage city code. But Planned Parenthood has been financially supporting the push for same-sex “marriage” and other aspects of the homosexual agenda “in many other states” for some time.

This again demonstrates the ruse of Planned Parenthood’s claim to exist for the purpose of providing “women’s health” services or “family planning.” Its first and foremost allegiance is to the leftist ideology that undergirds the culture of death and the war on the family.

And what better way to war against the family than by redefining marriage or by supporting a re-ordering of sexual norms, as was recently pushed in Anchorage?

Planned Parenthood’s cohabitation with the homosexual lobby in Alaska and many other places around the country makes perfect sense if you know that Planned Parenthood has been planning to reduce or eliminate parenthood for at least fifty years. In a 1969 memorandum submitted to the Population Council entitled "Activities Relevant to the Study of Population Policy for the U.S.," Planned Parenthood recommended several “Proposed Measures to Reduce U.S. Fertility,” including “social constraints” to “restructure [the] family by,” among other things, “encouraging increased homosexuality.”

Of course, Planned Parenthood may also be looking at its bottom line, as research has shown time and time again that children who do not live in stable two-parent homes are more likely to engage in early premarital sex, become pregnant, and become potential customers for Planned Parenthood’s abortionists. Thus Planned Parenthood’s business model is to split income among a three-legged stool: contraceptives, sexually transmitted disease and abortion. What do the three have in common? You got it – promiscuous minors and young people emboldened by Planned Parenthood’s “grab all the gusto you can get” approach to sex “education.”

Steven Aden

Steven H. Aden is senior counsel and director of life alliances for Alliance Defending Freedom.