Steve Deace

The meltdowns, lawlessness, and crises are coming so “fast and furious” now you can’t keep track of them all, which is why many of you probably missed a recent development that may actually be the biggest threat of them all to our constitutional republic.

This week, the same people who booed God at the 2012 Democrat National Convention openly declared war on their own Maker. For instead of repenting of their attempted tyranny, the statist/Marxist Left’s response to last week’s Supreme Court opinion in favor of Hobby Lobby (i.e. the First Amendment) was to remove any pretense whatsoever they still believe in the U.S. Constitution.

After previously lying…err...claiming that they’d never do anything to stop you from practicing your religion in your church “where it belongs,” the statist/Marxist Left has openly declared war on God and those who still believe what the Word of God has to say about moral matters.

The ACLU and other anti-American groups announced they are withdrawing their support for a heinous piece of legislation known as ENDA. Because with a scant 5-4 majority of the U.S. Supreme Court still believing in the First Amendment, it’s obvious to them that ENDA in its current form wasn’t heinous enough. ENDA, which stands for the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act,” is the unholy grail of the moral depravity lobby. The immorality peddlers have been peddling various versions of this bill for years, but the end result is always the same—you will be made to care.

The intent of this legislation is for the federal government to once and for all make someone’s private sexual behavior a publicly protected class in all of Obama’s 57 states, and thus also silence once and for all any moral or religious dissent to their depravity. Oh, sure, the version passed out of the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate last year included so-called “religious exemptions.” But absolutely no one smarter than Joe Biden believes the same people who think the Feds can order the “Little Sister of the Poor” to pay for baby-murder, also believes these people are serious about protecting religious liberty.

Steve Deace

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