Steve Deace

As government attempts to exalt itself above the Most High, more and more of what used to be called paranoia is now becoming our new normal.

Some recent examples include:

After the government declares we are no longer a Christian nation, it decides to take our kids on field trips to mosques where they can receive a copy of the Koran (after the Bible was removed from our schools first of course).

As the government now decides what morality is, the Air Force is targeting enlistees in its ranks that believe homosexuality is immoral, even if they’re still willing to serve capably under the command of out-and-proud homosexuals.

Playing the role of judge, jury, and executioner, Capitol Police shot an unarmed dental hygienist to death in her vehicle while it was stuck at a medium following a high-speed chase. Her 1-year old baby was in the car with her at the time.

There’s plenty more where that came from, and more examples of government run amok are happening each day. Yet perhaps the most disturbing, yet subtle, examples are occurring as we speak during the so-called “government shutdown.”

Now I’m not sure how something still running at 83% capacity can be in a “shutdown.” Only in Washington, D.C. could a 17% loss of way too much government to begin with be described as a “shutdown.” But while this “shutdown” isn’t producing the welfare state victimology stories the liberal media was hoping for beforehand, it is producing the kind of stories that set the stage for tyranny.

Something vital has been lost in the kerfuffle about barricading veterans from their own war memorials that were left unattended prior to the “shutdown,” removing veterans from their own war memorials that were left unattended prior to the “shutdown,” and now veterans getting arrested for failing to leave their own war memorials that were left unattended prior to the “shutdown.”

Steve Deace

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