Steve Deace

Some policies are bad. Some policies are stupid. But it’s the rare stinker that is both bad and stupid.

Now joining that infamous group – which includes piles of ignominious anti-constitutional trash like the Alien & Sedition Acts, TARP, and Obamacare – is the Gang of 8’s “Scamnesty”…currently making its way through the United States Senate.

Recently Congressman Steve King said on my nationally-syndicated radio program this Gang of 8 scamnesty is even worse than the original McCain-Kennedy amnesty plan from 2007, and he said it amounts to “the biggest amnesty plan in history.” At a time when we are perpetuating unsustainable debt and growth in government, the Heritage Foundation says this scamnesty plan will cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion, and Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation told me if anything that’s a low estimate.

Bad is what happens when you allow an aptly nicknamed “gang” to write public policy. Bad is what happens when people in both parties who have shown a wanton disregard for the rule of law throughout much of their political careers write public policy. And bad for the country is what this is.

But as bad as it is, it’s even more stupid.

Imagine Coke making it easier for people to buy Pepsi. Imagine McDonald’s promoting Burger King. Imagine the Yankees trading their best players to the Red Sox for not even a player to be named later.

If you were an investor in those companies, or a fan of the Yankees, you’d consider those actions treacherous. At the very least they’d be considered self-cannibalization. But in the Republican Party it’s considered strategy.

The leadership of the Republican Party has decided its path to national electoral victory must include what amounts to a $6.3 trillion Democrat Party voter drive. Just in case what I just wrote hasn’t fully sunk in yet, let me type that again. The leadership of the Republican Party has decided its path to national electoral victory must include what amounts to a $6.3 trillion Democrat Party voter drive.

This of course sounds as stupid as Coke deciding that selling more Pepsi is the best way to improve its own sales. However, we are talking about the Republican Party here, where the smartest guys in the room thought it was a good idea to try to and beat Obama with the guy that came up with his worst idea even before he did.

Steve Deace

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