Steve Deace

There is raging debate within American Christendom about what to do with Mitt Romney. Three schools of thought have emerged.

The first group is trying to put lipstick on a pig by pretending that Romney didn’t deliver the kill-shot to marriage in Massachusetts, didn’t beat Obama to the punch with government-mandated healthcare that included taxpayer-funded child killing, hasn’t at some point taken a liberal position on every issue, isn’t a self-proclaimed champion of gay rights, and hasn’t been caught lying and flip-flopping more times than you can say John Kerry. These are the Republican-firsters. They have no king but the chairman of the RNC, whom they’re almost as grateful to for the food on their dinner table each night as they are to God. Heck, they think God can only work through the RNC. These are the people that put the Bush-Cheney bumper sticker on the back of their car before the Jesus fish. This group believes any Republican that will kill one less baby, steal one less dollar, and tell one less lie than the Democrats is credited unto him righteousness. What they call being practical or pragmatic is really prostitution.

The second group is primarily driven by theology and the ministry of the Gospel. They may or may not vote, but see the political system as at best a means to an end, if not an outright diversion from the church’s true calling of calling sinners to repentance and offering the grace found through faith in Christ alone. This group will barely glance at Romney’s RINO record because they can’t get past the fact he’s bishop in the Mormon Church, which to them means he’s a polytheistic Bible and Christ-denier following a false prophet named Joseph Smith. The more folks like Joel Osteen blur the lines between Sola Scriptura and Mormonism, and the more evangelical institutions like Liberty University provide Romney a platform, the louder these folk will become in order to maintain the integrity and centrality of the Gospel. Knowing that Mormonism has sought from its inception to replace Biblical orthodoxy, they will push back against Romney being culturally portrayed as a “Jackie Robinson” for the Mormon Church.

Steve Deace

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