Sandy Rios

“What are you so afraid of?” a caller to my Chicago radio show asked. “Green” is a veteran with two sons serving in Iraq. He is adamantly against the war and adamantly for Barack Obama. Though we don’t agree on much, Green is the consummate gentlemen and his question is a good one. So I must respond.

If Barack Obama is elected President of the United States, I fear our enemies will smell the blood of weakness and rise in retaliation here and abroad. While Obama makes sweeping promises to end the war in Iraq, he never projects the consequences. Radical Islam is waging a holy war against us—and they have no intent on ending their war against the West. Withdrawal will be perceived as surrender and the election of a president sympathetic to their cause will embolden them like nothing else. Iraq will recede into bloody, sectarian retaliatory violence. Iran will take advantage and wield new power in the region. Our military families will have the sacrifice of their loved ones rendered meaningless. And our enemies will come here.

Israel will find itself alone. Europe and the British Isles, already too overrun with Islamists, will provide little defense. A future President Obama, who is a dear friend to PLO sympathizer andYasser-Arafat-apologist Rashid Kalidi, who is championed by members of Hamas in Gaza and endorsed by one of their leaders, will, I fear, not lift a finger to defend them. It is, after all, this same future president who has sat for 20 years (until recently without objection), listening to Dr. Jeremiah Wright praise Hamas and the famous Israel despiser, Louis Farrakhan.

I fear Iran will continue to develop nuclear weapons and breathlessly rush to the annihilation of Israel which will bring war to the Middle East. Iran will gladly make these weapons available to terrorist groups who will use them in the same way they currently show their contempt for life in smaller ways with suicide bombs. President Barack Obama will be powerless to stop this. He is a man full of words, but lacking in resolve … except on the following:

• He boasts a 100 percent voting record in opposing pre-born human life. The enthusiastic endorsement of NARAL’s Pro-Choice America gives a glimpse at his certainty. Barack Obama has given us little reason to believe that he has opposed abortion, at any time, for any reason.

• He was appalled that the Supreme Court in Carhart vs. Gonzales upheld a ban on partial birth abortion (that last trimester method that pulls a baby from the womb, feet first, inserts scissors in the head, sucks out the brains and crushes the skull before removing its murdered body). He was outraged that a woman’s “right to choose” had been impeded.

Sandy Rios

Sandy Rios is Vice President of Family Pac Federal, a FOX News Contributor and host of Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR Talk.