Ross Mackenzie

Now that the elections are over, will the Republicans go back to their old ways and be just as bad as they were before -- just as awful as the Democrats?

They can't afford to. The problem with the Republicans in the years following the 1994 "Contract with America" elections was that they needed to be certain things but weren't, needed to move to higher plateaus but didn't. In 1994, Republicans won as the party of ideas and reform. Following the election, they needed to govern better and be better as individuals. They failed at both.

Why will they be any different now?

The traditional equation has changed, and the Teapartiers have a lock on them. The Republicans face a situation similar to European parliamentary systems. They and the Teapartiers are both minority enterprises, and as neither could run and win without the other, so neither can govern without the other. Together, they form a majority. If the Republicans revert to their prior form, the Teapartiers will yank their support and soon the Republican hand will fall from whatever levers of power it pulls.

WHERE is President Obama in all this?

During the election campaigns, Democratic candidates, for the most, part wanted nothing to do with him, wanted him to stay away -- ran from him like kids freaked by ghosts on Halloween. Most wanted nothing to do with him because they felt he was dragging down their party -- and their campaigns along with it.

(But this is a president who entered office on such a political high.

That was then. Obama's dismal approval ratings (mid-40s) stand after just two years where W's stood after five. As Obama deployed the absurdity of blaming the Republicans for his failures before the mid-term elections -- with lopsided Democratic majorities in both congressional houses -- so he will blame them even more during the next two years. The 2012 campaign season has started. Now may mark the beginning -- as well -- of the last 100 weeks of the Obamian presidency.

OK, so back to the Republicans: What should they do?

Obama said during the fall campaigns that he foresaw hand-to-hand combat with a Congress less to his liking. The Republicans must try to do what many of them said during their campaigns they would seek to do, inspired as they were by the Teapartiers. Things such as...

Slash spending. Reduce the deficit and the national debt.

Cut taxes -- or at least hold them down -- and seriously cogitate shifting to a flat tax. Move government out of the way, thereby ending wealth redistribution and promoting private-sector job creation. In addition....

Ross Mackenzie

Ross Mackenzie lives with his wife and Labrador retriever in the woods west of Richmond, Virginia. They have two grown sons, both Naval officers.

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