Roger Schlesinger

So much is going on that offends any moral person in all areas of our country that I am shocked that nobody seems to stand up and ask, "what the heck is going on?" Among a number of bizarre events, including a Wall Street investment person running a $50 billion Ponzi Scheme and cheating universities, charities, financial organizations and ordinary people out of tremendous amounts of money; a governor trying to sell a Senate seat to the highest bidder; Congress holding the country hostage on a bailout unless we grant them over $100 billion in earmarks to pass the bill; the unions saying they didn't do anything to force the Big 3 automakers to the verge of bankruptcy;, California elected public officials immediately announcing they would challenge the people's decision to not allow gay marriage by filing a suit in court right after the election; through it all no one has come forth to lead us back to sensibility. Is there not a single statesman left?

I bring this up because the solutions for the financial reversal of this economy are not as difficult as finding some individual who has the "chutzpah" to stand up and point out the obvious: Too many have been given too much and have done too little to help turn this economy around. Instead they are using our money as if there is a never ending supply. Of course there is a never ending supply: our personal money which always appeals to the politicos.

Do our representatives really represent us? During the election we heard that 95% of the people in the country were going to get a tax break, yet no where near 95% of the people pay taxes. We heard that the wealthy have to pay their share, even though on average they pay the highest actual amounts of tax and the highest percentage as well.. I bring all this up for only one reason: we need everyone working together on the same page for the good of the country and not for the good of a specific class of Americans, middle class as an example, a specific industry that is preceived to be in need of saving or a specific group of Americans as the unions, the nurses or the military. Dividing the nation is something we do well and if we do it while trying to craft a recovery it will simply add to the already incredible expenditures.

Roger Schlesinger

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