Robert Knight

As Tuesday's presidential debate showed, the Obama administration’s pack of lies surrounding the murderous 9/11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi is an increasingly heavy albatross. The pattern of deception is so complete, obvious and shocking that if America had a real “mainstream” media, the election would be over.

Mr. Obama used faux outrage on Tuesday to counter-punch as Mr. Romney confronted him on Benghazi. It took moderator Candy Crowley of CNN, acting as protector, to pull Mr. Obama into a corner before the inquiries turned into a knockout. She threw pixie dust into the mix by “fact-checking” Mr. Romney’s contention that Mr. Obama had not acknowledged for days that the attack was an act of terrorism.

Mr. Obama was speaking about 9/11 and terrorism in general when he said on Sept. 12, “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation.” In any case, Romney’s point was spot on that the administration repeatedly and dishonestly had the blamed the attack on the “Innocence of Muslims” Internet video.

Alas, more and more, America’s media resemble the state-controlled press in Venezuela, where, despite an exit poll showing him losing, President for Life Hugo Chavez easily won another six-year term on Oct. 6. The opposition party was limited to three minutes of advertising per day, while Mr. Chavez opined on the airwaves as long as he wanted. Think of a nation that has slipped into the Twilight Zone, where the only channel is MSNBC.

The Obama administration has been neck-deep into the Twilight Zone since the Benghazi murders.

As late as eight days after the killings of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters, “Based on the information we had at the time and have to this day, we do not have evidence that it was premeditated.”

Even before a Republican-led Capitol Hill hearing, the administration’s story fell apart like a rotten burlap bag. No protest over the video occurred before the attack. The military-type assault, complete with rocket-launched grenades, began suddenly, with al-Qaeda’s fingerprints all over it.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.