Rick Santorum

Posted April 28, 2014

In Washington, they think that “Made in the U.S.A.” is as outdated as carbon paper, and it was bad policies from both parties that hurt American manufacturing.

Posted April 21, 2014

From its beginning, the Common Core State Standards initiative has flown under the radar. Its funding, its implementation, and the substance of the standards it proposes have received little public attention, but all of them are questionable.

Posted April 15, 2014

There’s nothing like April 15 to remind Americans that they’re overtaxed and underpaid. And President Obama and the Congressional Democrats are hard at work to make sure it stays that way.

Posted April 07, 2014

The mainstream media are in full cry for the U.S. Senate to ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Watch out. When the United Nations starts talking about rights, the truth about what it’s really up to is often carefully concealed.

Posted June 25, 2013

Several months ago, I agreed to write this weekly column and to use it not just to express my views, but to express the views we shared with the many thousands of Americans we met on the campaign trail last year.

Posted June 18, 2013

It's not often that President Barack Obama and I agree. But on Father's Day, I was reminded that some issues go beyond political debates and are deeply personal.

Posted June 11, 2013

This jarring event was a grim reminder of the continued threat to America that exists and should have been a wake-up call to the Obama administration about the deadly nature of radical Islam. But here we are now, nine months later, and there still are no answers or explanations from the Obama administration about what exactly happened, why it happened and what those in charge knew while it was happening.

Posted June 04, 2013

This is a critical time in American history. I think we all know that something big is happening in America.

Posted May 28, 2013

Once again the U.S. Senate is considering passing into law a very dangerous United Nations treaty that would threaten the tens of thousands of American families who care for disabled children. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, or CRPD treaty, which has been rejected a number of times before, is expected to come before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the first week in June. This treaty should be unacceptable to all American families, and we must work to put an end to it.

Posted May 21, 2013

Last week, the Obama White House finally was exposed to Americans on both the left and right as the abusive and arrogant administration that it is. Throughout this presidency, we've seen examples of the constant abuse of power and living above the law. The executive orders on gun control, the assault on religious liberty through Obamacare and the refusal to enforce immigration laws to gain political favor are just a few among many. And last week, three more egregious offenses came to light that concern all freedom-loving Americans.

Posted May 14, 2013

According to the Bible, we are all called to be saints. That is, we are all called to be with God in heaven. In fact, the designation of sainthood bestowed by the Roman Catholic Church is, at its core, simply a declaration that a person is in heaven.

Posted May 07, 2013

You may be hearing a lot these days about the growing separation of the elites in America from everyone else, about how those at the very top in our country are playing by a different set of rules and have different realities than the millions of working families across America. Well, I agree with this view, and sadly, I see it getting worse by the day. And nowhere is it as bad as it is on Capitol Hill.

Posted April 30, 2013

A few weeks ago, we marked the 45th anniversary of King's death. Despite his call to action, more than four decades later, there is still a dividing line in America, and it's arguably deeper now than it was then.

Posted April 23, 2013

Since Sept. 11, Americans have been largely immune from attacks by terrorists. But for many of us, the days of color-coded terror warnings and armed guards in airports seem like relics of another era.

Posted April 16, 2013

My wife, Karen, and I are blessed with seven children, including one little girl with very special needs, Bella. There are many days when we are overwhelmed or dead-tired or frustrated or all of the above. I'm sure all parents can relate. It's just part of being a parent. But like millions of Americans, we also know it's the most important job we ever will have.

Posted April 09, 2013

Our country is at a defining moment. With a weak economy and a high unemployment rate that has bumped along for five years and traditional American values under assault by the Obama administration, the mainstream media and Hollywood, millions of American families across the country are feeling discouraged -- both financially and morally.

Posted April 02, 2013

On Easter Sunday, Christians around the world celebrated the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. For us, it was a time of renewal -- a renewal of our baptismal promises, a rebirth of our faith in the Father, a moment to rejoice in our love for the church and its teachings. Also, our Jewish friends and neighbors recently observed Passover and hosted Seder dinners for family and friends.

Posted March 26, 2013

As if the stubbornly high unemployment rate and rising costs of gasoline and food weren't enough, March 23 marked the third anniversary of another direct assault on America's working families.

Posted March 19, 2013

March is Trisomy Awareness Month. For my family, this has become a time to celebrate the life of our daughter Bella.

Posted March 12, 2013

Republicans don't care. Or at least that's the perception of us. President Barack Obama's convincing re-election in November despite a climate of high unemployment, stagnant economic growth and waning American influence around the globe has caused a great deal of soul-searching for the Republican Party.