Rich Tucker

It’s usually impossible to tell when an era is ending. Few predicted the market crash that would end the Jazz Age, for example. But it may finally be safe to report that the Progressive Era is coming to an end. And it’s time for Americans to decide where we go from here.

Here’s why: Progressivism has failed on its own merits, and people are starting to realize that.

When Americans elected Barack Obama in 2008, we understood he was a progressive. His voting record was scant, but was judged by National Journal as the most liberal in the Senate.

Obama campaigned promising to shore up the progressive state handed down by Lyndon Johnson, Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. He vowed to preserve Medicare (LBJ), protect Social Security (FDR) and deliver effective expert governance (Wilson).

In the event, he even did those progressive “greats” one better. His signature achievement, ObamaCare, is the perfect Progressive program. It’s run from the top-down, assumes Americans are incompetent and will be run by self-proclaimed “experts.” But reality keeps getting in the way.

ObamaCare is set up, as we’re seeing, to “help” people by taking away their health insurance. This fall it’s people who buy their own health insurance; next year it could be tens of millions who get coverage through their employers when the mandate (suspended by Obama this summer) kicks in.

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker is a communications professional and a columnist for