Rich Tucker

My fellow Americans, it’s time to solve a problem that’s bedeviled humanity for decades. “We are the change that we seek,” and we can -- no, must -- agree to take immediate action.

Even as you read this, an untold number of Americans are stranded, helpless. They’re scattered across Europe, with little hope of returning safely to our shores any time soon. Overhead, volcanic ash fills the air and their planes have been grounded. Sure, our government is ready (or will be in four years) to “give” them universal health care. But what good will that do if they cannot get here?

Frankly, they’ll be lucky to survive long enough to enjoy ObamaCare, since they’re being forced to subsist on European cheese and beef that hasn’t met USDA standards for purity. Meanwhile they’re being forced to spend funny-money Euros with drawings of non-existent bridges and arches, instead of good old U.S. dollars with drawings of slave-owning George Washington. (Washington probably also favored universal health care. What great American throughout history didn’t?).

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The volcano now erupting in Iceland is a “crisis” we shouldn’t let “go to waste.” It highlights the need for a project we should have completed long ago: A railroad tunnel to connect the United States with Europe.

Oh, sure, there’s plenty of evidence that high-speed rail lines are expensive and don’t work. And a much smaller version, the Eurotunnel, went over budget and under performs. Still, let’s set that aside and focus on the fact that this tunnel has been a dream of presidents and politicians for decades.

Recently I, like President Obama, was reading a biography of Teddy Roosevelt. He noticed that Teddy favored universal health care. I must have missed that chapter.

But it was clear to me that Roosevelt wanted closer ties with the British Empire, and what better way to achieve them than by linking our two nations by train? The man who built the Panama Canal would have understood that American ingenuity could conquer any engineering problems that might crop up. But in Teddy’s day, isolationist senators (meaning conservatives) would oppose any such tunnel.

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker is a communications professional and a columnist for