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Three or four short items on my mind today.

First Topic:

Kathleen Sebelius, recently resigned Secretary of Health and Human Services and, by most accounts, guilty - by action or inaction - of the dreadful roll-out of Obamacare, has made it known she is thinking about running for U.S. Senate from Kansas.

This year.

If Sebelius had been at the head of a publicly traded company she would have been carried out of the executive suite on a rail, with her goods in cardboard boxes thrown behind her.

That is, if she weren't under federal indictment for lying to her shareholders about the status of her company's largest undertaking.

Bernie Madoff? Meet your new roommate, former Secretary of HHS, Kathleen Sebelius. You two kids behave!

Sebelius was a two-term Governor of Kansas but six-ish years as a member of the Obama Administration has stripped away any reasonable semblance of a chance of beating the incumbent Republican Senator, Pat Roberts.

Public Policy Polling - a Democratic polling firm - has Sebelius' approval/disapproval numbers at 38-55 even worse than President Obama's numbers (44-52 according to's average).

I hope she does run and run on Obamacare. That would nationalize the Senate race in Kansas and give every other Republican candidate in the country - including those running for City Council in Marietta, Ohio 45750 - a pivot point with their voters.

Second topic.

Wendy Davis is the Texas state senator who made national news when she filibustered a law that would restrict abortions in the Lone Star State.

She became an instant national hero (heroine? Am I allowed to type that?) among Liberals and got talked into running for Governor against the sitting Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Bad choice.

That same Democratic polling firm, Public Policy Polling, released numbers that show Abbott beating Davis by a pretty firm 51-37.

That's not the bad news for Davis. The bad news is that Abbott is beating her among women in Texas 49-41.

Which, once again, proves that oft-cited rule: Texas ain't the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Third topic.

Sunday is April 20. 4/20. Between now and Sunday you will hear, see, and read a lot about the number 420.

Why? Because 420 has become code for Marijuana. It seems to have begun in Marin County (across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco) and nurtured by the Grateful Dead.

Rich Galen

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