Rich Galen

While everything else has been going on, two senior Democratic Members of Congress, Maxine Waters (DEMOCRAT-Calif) and Charles Rangel (DEMOCRAT-New York) have been, essentially, indicted by the House Ethics Committee for violation of House rules.

Both of those findings came well in advance of the House resuming its back-breaking schedule of a two-week work period between the August-September recess and the October-November pre-election recess.

When the Ethics Committee reported its findings, the expectation was that both Waters and Rangel would have their hearings/trials prior to the pre-election break.

Au Contraire.

It now looks as if both Members and their Democratic colleagues will skate on their potentially criminal activities until after the mid-term elections on November 2.

See the look of shock and surprise upon my face.

Waters is accused of using her official status as a senior member of the House Banking Committee to get special favors for a bank in which her husband had a significant financial interest. Rangel is accused of 13 violations - THIRTEEN - of House Rules.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (DEMOCRAT-Calif) is the Chair of the supposedly bi-partisan Ethics Committee but, according to the Washington Post "did not respond to requests for comment."

Back in the day, when Speaker Newt Gingrich was being hung out to dry by that same committee, the Chair was Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-Conn.) who not only moved the Gingrich case along in regular order but, as I remember it at the time, appeared to bend over backward to ensure that no one would accuse the Committee of being partisan.

Zoe Lofgren would do well to read the timeline of the Gingrich case and act accordingly.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (DEMOCRAT-Calif) will go down as one of the least effective and most partisan Speakers of the House in modern history. It is not without cause that she will have successfully engineered the defeat of House Democrats to the point where she turned the House back to Republicans a scant four years - four years - after she took control.

It takes a special level of ineptitude, which is not common to normal folk, to accomplish that. Nancy Pelosi has reached it.

While Pelosi was pulling the sheets up over the Maxine Waters/Charlie Rangel ethics mess, President Barack Obama was in Wisconsin trying to rally students at the University of, in Madison to his side.

Obama spoke before a huge crowd on the U of Wisconsin campus urging them to regain the fervor of the election campaign of 2008.

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been a press secretary to Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich. Rich Galen currently works as a journalist and writes at