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September first. Already. You know my theory on this: As you get older, time goes by faster because each year is a smaller percentage of your age. When you were five years old, a year was 20 percent of your life. If you get to be, say, 62 then a year is only 1.6 percent of your life.

Seems to go a lot quicker.

Even though Labor Day won't be here until next Monday and the Congress won't be here until Tuesday, Summer is over. The kids are largely back in school, we're down to about 13 hours of daylight on the East coast, and the high temperature today in Your Nation's Capital is forecast to be about 78 degrees.

So, how to best celebrate the end of Summer? Let's look at Barack Obama's poll numbers!

According to's polling summary (as of Monday night) the current approval numbers for the President are: Gallup: 51 - 42
Rasmussen: 46 - 53
NBC: 51 - 40
ABC/Wash Post: 57 - 40
Pew: 51 - 37

Using our "The-East-Germans-and-The-French-are-Cheating" theory of scoring Olympic figure skating and political polling we throw out the high number (ABC/WashPost) and the low number (Rasmussen) and end up with a pretty consistent number of 51 percent job approval for Obama.

According to Gallup, at the 100-day mark in this Administration, Obama's job approval stood at 67-28.

That isn't just a drop of 16 percentage points over the past four months; that is an outright collapse in the public's view of how well - or how badly - this Administration is doing.

By the way, at about this same point in the Presidency of George W. Bush, his approval rating was 57-34. Not much higher than Obama, but still higher than Obama.

The fact is, not much is going right for Obama right now. Unemployment appears to be stuck at about 9.4 percent (the next official Bureau of Labor Statistics number will be released on Friday).

Keep in mind the party which has ruled Japan for the past half-century was tossed out of office over the weekend in part because unemployment there reached 5.7 percent. The unemployment rate (in June) for the EU was about 8.9 percent.

Michael Hirsch (who is sort of a cousin of mine) writing in Newsweek pointed out that the Obama/Bernanke team has failed to solve the "too big to fail" problem which has cost all of us hundreds of billions in Wall Street bailouts.

According to Cousin Mike's reporting:

The administration's June financial-regulatory proposal actually "formalizes" the too-big-to-fail pathology by providing loans, purchasing assets, guaranteeing liabilities, and making equity investments in faltering giant firms.

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been a press secretary to Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich. Rich Galen currently works as a journalist and writes at