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Democrats are busily scheduling a ceremony to continue the Administration's designs on undoing the U.S. Constitution even more and coronate King Barack and Queen Michelle upon their return from their European concert tour.

They are soooo popular over in Europe. Michelle is soooo stylish. Barack is soooo smooth. Europeans are swoooooning over the visit.

America, baby, is BACK.

Frank Sinatra said it best:
A-Number-One; Top of the List;
King o' the Hill; Top o' the Heap.

Next stop: New York, New York!

The latest poll, according to is the Newsweek poll which was in the field April 1 & 2 shows Emperor Obama at 61 percent approval and 27 percent disapproval. Pretty good numbers.

There will be a slew of polls upon the Obama's return to the U.S. but that's what we've got right now.

Before National Democrats begin making plans to remove the word "Republican" from any sign in or around the U.S. Capitol complex, let's hop into the Wayback Machine and see what was doing along about April, 2001 - exactly eight years ago.

George W. Bush was President and was about four months into his term.

Remember, George W. didn't win the Presidency on election day in November, 2000. He wasn't declared the winner until the Supreme Court ruled on December 12 that the Florida recount had gone on quite long enough, thank you, and ordered the previously certified total to stand and George W. be declared the winner.

If you are old enough to remember those days, you may also remember that Vice President Al Gore got more popular votes than Gov. Bush so about half the country didn't think Bush was the legitimate President.


According to the ABC News/Washington Post poll in mid-April 2001 - five months before 9/11 - George W. Bush's numbers were 63 Approve, 32 Disapprove.

Eight years - to the second - before Barack Obama took the oath of office as President of the United States surrounded by a Democratic Senate Majority Leader and a Democratic Speaker of the House, George W. had stood on that same spot and took the oath surrounded by two Republicans holding those titles.

Amazing, isn't it?

Rich Galen

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