Richard Olivastro

Derailing the ‘Health Care Express’ is essential if Americans are to ensure that health care will always be available to every citizen. Those who previously climbed aboard can – and should – disembark immediately. All others can avoid the conductor’s call of ‘all aboard’ by ‘tuning-out’ the administration’s joint programming upcoming on the ABC television network.

Make no mistake, ABC’s multiple productions, direct from the White House, are intended to convince everyone to respond favorably to the administration’s orchestrated messaging. Anyone tantalized to watch ABC this Wednesday would be wise to respond to the soothsayers call with a convincing “No way!”

That would be a first step toward ensuring that health care will always be available to every responsible citizen.

The next wise step for citizens would be to turn off the TV set, and tune their thinking to how best to address personally their individual and family health care needs.

Yes, that may be a ‘novel’ approach to many. But, it’s the responsible way.

Therefore, it’s also the best way.

Every citizen can do it. Government could actually help… by getting out of the way.

We’ll outline here how small yet significant changes can empower every citizen to responsibly deal with their personal, and, where applicable, their dependent family members health care.

First, some background including relevant facts and commentary.

President Obama, and others with special interests in perpetuating and expanding government involvement, use costs to stoke fear, anxiety, and as justification for what they have puffed-up into a crisis. Setting aside how some have manipulated cost data, and other facts, for their own purposes; past GAO reports do point out that “health care spending on average has grown much faster than the economy… from 1975 through 2005, aggregate public and private spending on health care grew from about 8 percent to 16 percent of GDP… in 2005, public and private spending totaled $2 trillion… [and] is projected to grow to 20 percent of GDP by 2015.”

That’s alarming. As it should be.

It is also why politicians can say that “health care spending will approach one dollar in five” in a few short years. But, more importantly, it is also a major reason why every citizen should conclude “No Way!” to expanded government intervention in health care; while moving expeditiously to push government entirely out of the health care equation.

Consider your own situation.

Richard Olivastro

Richard Olivastro is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, president of People Dynamics, an executive leadership development company, and founder of Citizens For Change.
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