Renee Ellmers

Posted July 25, 2014

Just the other day when I was home in Dunn, a woman standing in the checkout line told me that she felt as though she had less money in her pocket.

Posted October 06, 2011

Unemployment is the most important issue facing Americans today. Millions are out of work and those that have jobs are increasingly threatened with losing them. As with most things affecting whole segments of society, the first reaction is who's in charge, who deserves the blame?

Posted August 03, 2011

Americans are fed up and disgusted with the way Washington has spent their money and caused this crisis. This crisis did not begin last week or even a few months ago.

Posted May 20, 2011

As I spend time with constituents and small business owners during National Small Business Week, I'm dismayed to hear about the daunting challenge that lies ahead for many of these entrepreneurs who desperately want to hire more employees, but aren’t confident enough in the economy to do so.