Rebecca Hagelin

A recent survey suggests that Americans are more accepting than ever of homosexual “families”. Although only about a third of Americans consider homosexual couples with no children to be a family, 68% say homosexual couples with children do indeed make a “family.”

Does growing acceptance make it right?

The more accustomed Americans become to the image of homosexual couples with children, the more likely we are to affirm them, mistakenly, as the same as families composed of one mom and one dad who are married to each other.

Not surprisingly, “gay families” have exploded into public view—thanks to the media and the entertainment industry--even though they represent only a small minority of homosexual couples. Not so long ago, “gay” characters were an uncomfortable novelty. Now they’re a mainstay of popular media. But the themes are less about the effeminate, promiscuous homosexual male (whose lifestyle doesn’t resonate with most Americans) and more about the cuddly, domestic “gay”couple with cute kids (inviting empathy for their parenting adventure). The popular show Modern Family, for example, features two homosexual men raising an adopted child-- just another lovable equivalent to the traditional family. A bit dysfunctional, perhaps, but aren’t we all?

The media myth says that “gay families” are everywhere and just as beneficial for raising children as the traditional family. Some Americans steeped in these messages on a daily basis are likely to believe them. Others mistakenly “accept” gay families out of misplaced compassion. It’s crucial to recognize the deliberate

strategy underway: homosexual couples with children are the perfect vehicle to drive acceptance for same-sex marriage.

How to Save Your Family with Honest Truth and Critical Thinking

The natural tendency is to think less critically about things we get used to—so gay advocates keep the spotlight on homosexual couples with children.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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