Rachel Marsden

Posted February 03, 2016

Despite living in an increasingly disenchanted world, we seem to be in the grips of a global epidemic of naivety. People are far too easily seduced by exalted words and fine sentiments, and the result is a lot of severely dysfunctional relationships.

Posted January 20, 2016

Iran effectively rejoined the international community a few days ago, as longstanding U.S. and European sanctions were lifted and the country was granted access to $32 billion of its previously frozen assets.

Posted January 13, 2016

More than 500 women filed police complaints after a New Year's Eve celebration in Cologne, Germany, with about 40 percent of the women alleging sexual assault. Of the 32 suspects identified by police, 22 are asylum seekers, mostly North African or Arabic, according to the German Interior Ministry.

Posted January 06, 2016

There's been much hand-wringing over U.S. President Barack Obama's announcement of gun-related executive actions.

Posted December 23, 2015

Walking around downtown Moscow at Christmastime in the wake of a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, I was struck by a distinct feeling of deja vu from my Canadian childhood.

Posted December 15, 2015

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump got into an interesting war of words on Twitter last week with a Saudi prince. "Dopey Prince (Al-Waleed bin Talal) wants to control our U.S. politicians with daddy's money. Can't do it when I get elected," Trump tweeted.

Posted December 09, 2015

PARIS -- Candidates in the U.S. presidential race would be wise to pay attention to what's happening in France.

Posted December 02, 2015

At the opening of the Paris climate change conference (also known as COP21) this week, U.S. President Barack Obama amalgamated terrorism and climate change.

Posted November 25, 2015

The U.S. State Department has issued a blunt worldwide travel alert for Americans. Nothing cuts through murky rhetorical waters and diplomatic platitudes like a terrorist's bomb.

Posted November 18, 2015

PARIS -- I'm getting tired of living in a guerrilla terrorist war zone and having friends ask me if I'm all right.

Posted November 11, 2015

If you want to learn the identities of American special operations forces personnel, including members of the elite Delta Force, you may want to avoid the experience of being stonewalled by the U.S. Freedom of Information Act and just try asking the Chinese government instead.

Posted November 04, 2015

Have you wondered how petro-states are handling the crash in oil prices? Looking at the situation through a strictly Western prism, it would be tempting to think that these countries might be in dire straits. But crisis is a matter of perspective and mindset. How we perceive it depends on our prior experiences in turbulent situations. And as with a virus, surviving a crisis can provide inoculation against future ones.

Posted October 27, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the party front-runner in most polls, has positioned himself as the one contender who can't be bought, and who is intent on making Washington a place less beholden to cash-flashing by special interests.

Posted October 21, 2015

Today, he's Canada's newest prime minister after his defeat of 10-year Conservative Party incumbent Stephen Harper in this week's elections, which also saw Trudeau's Liberal Party secure an absolute majority in Parliament.

Posted October 14, 2015

One of the most common questions that I'm asked these days is whether U.S. President Barack Obama is a brilliant bamboozler or just a bumbler.

Posted October 06, 2015

The answer has long been the same: bad governance. And it's not just a problem in France; it's a spreading worldwide trend among developed nations.

Posted September 30, 2015

Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly always end up getting reduced to pleas for financial support. It's like an annual telethon without the phone number on the bottom of the screen. No number is required, since you'll be donating anyway through your government.

Posted September 23, 2015

American leadership should focus on securing energy independence, which will enable the U.S. to pull up anchor in the Middle East for good and deal with the region more selectively, making engagement with the Middle East seem more like a fun date rather than a bad marriage to an insecure spouse.

Posted September 16, 2015

Two of the biggest global challenges of the past decade -- terrorism and the 2008 financial crisis -- have given rise to some well-intentioned legislation that has missed the mark.

Posted September 09, 2015

As tens of thousands of migrants flood into Europe from Syria -- primarily as a result of poorly considered Western military intervention and the subsequent rise of the Islamic State -- hearts are growing so large that they risk displacing brains.