Rachel Alexander

With Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer term limited, a crowded field of Republicans has emerged hoping to replace her in 2015. The liberal media can’t make up its mind which of the more moderate to liberal candidates it prefers, so those four are all being touted as frontrunners. Various contradictory polls from groups with agendas have been released, with wildly humorous results.

The most conservative candidate in the race, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, a Harvard Law educated author, has gained the support of the conservative base, Tea Party and grassroots. While the other four candidates duke it out to split up the more moderate GOP vote (roughly 66 percent) four ways, Thomas is poised to take the base (33 percent) and win the nomination. The Democrats have only put up one candidate, Fred Duval, who is relatively unknown. It is difficult for Democrats to win statewide elections in Arizona; Janet Napolitano was a rare exception. Only through bogus election complaints against her GOP opponent, Matt Salmon, a whisper campaign about how his Mormonism was sexist (one in five GOP women voted for her based on this), and getting Sheriff Arpaio to run TV ads about her, was she able to win by a half a percent.

The conservative base is rallying around Thomas because he has the most consistent, proven and proactive record by far. Two of the most contentious issues in Arizona currently are Common Core and Governor Brewer’s expansion of Obamacare Medicaid. Thomas has been the only candidate to loudly and consistently stand up against both of these. Illegal immigration also continues to be a problem, as Border Patrol agents report that more illegal immigrants than ever are now coming over the border, threatening to make the financial drain on Arizona as bad as it is in California. Last month, the Obama administration started transporting illegal immigrant women and children to Arizona and dropping them off, in retaliation over Arizona’s SB 1070. Federal judges have gutted the most potent provisions of SB 1070 since it was passed, rendering it mostly ineffective.

Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander is the editor of the Intellectual Conservative. She also serves as senior editor of The Stream.