Phil Harris

Two groups will find this discussion to be unpalatable, despite the fact that they are otherwise diametrically opposed to each other. Perhaps, if this sliver of insight gets under some of the hard scabs that have encrusted our social skin, some measure of healing is possible. Of course, my own bias leads me to believe this is possible for one side, and unlikely for the other.

My bias is the result of believing several things to be true, all of which used to be the accepted social consensus. Examples of such are that homosexuality, sexual promiscuity and/or perversions, and abortion are not good things and consequentially lead to the downfall of individuals and the community. I segregate these from all other social “sins”, because these are interrelated in cause and consequence.

Homosexual activism has been stunningly successful through the years at perverting the social conscience. Medical scientists, being social animals first and foremost, bring this altered view to work with them. Sprinkle in a few beloved homosexual colleagues, and the drive to justify homosexuality is too much to resist, pure science be damned.

I give you the obvious problems of bio mechanics as an example of this phenomenon; although, the argument is stuffed quietly and immediately into lab coat pockets, and dismissed out of hand. Sexual intercourse, the required activity for the propagation of our species, has a known set of physiological components. The digestive tract represents another distinctly identifiable set of components. The two systems and processes, aside from benefiting the creatures to which they belong, are completely unrelated.

At least in terms of male homosexuality, if we recognize that the biology of the human body makes no allowance for the practice of sodomy, then what we are left with is the conscious mind of man. I would be so bold as to suggest, that if homosexuality were indeed a naturally occurring trait in our genetic code, we should see such represented in the construction of our bodies, considering that homosexual activities have occurred throughout the history of man.

Moving beyond the sexual component of sexuality, and into the realm of relationships between people, there are some observations to make. This too has been twisted and perverted by homosexual activism, and is perhaps the most damaging and damning for society. Close, loving relationships can and do occur between all combinations of people, and sometimes these relationships can take the place of a commitment between a man and a woman.

Phil Harris

Phil Harris is a software engineer, author of Cry for the Shadows and blogs at Citizen Phil.

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