Nicole Hudgens

Last year while on a road trip with some friends, we turned on the radio with the windows rolled down and let our hair fly, something everyone should do when they have the chance. A song came on with lyrics that included the words “What do I stand for?” The same song popped into my head yesterday and made me think of the challenge I and my generation are facing: What do we stand for?

I love my generation. Our idea of fashion is choosing to buy shoes because part of the proceeds provides shoes for a child in another country. We wear bracelets that show others we stand for life and freedom for those trapped in human trafficking. We drink certain brands to help coffee farmers get a fair wage and a better life.

When we turn on the TV there’s someone new with an incredible talent and they’re younger than the last person who made the headlines. We’re imaginative and intelligent. We’ll be vocal for the voiceless and pay the price for those who have nothing to give.

We devote ourselves wholeheartedly to noble causes, but the biggest challenge we face is fear.

We’re a generation that loves truth and we want to be bold. But because we are afraid of the opinions of others, sometimes we step back instead of standing up for what is right. Some of us believe that there is more to life than just us; that there is a God, He is good, and His ways are right. He is holy, loving, and He gave His only Son so that we can be free from sin and live life to the fullest. Because of Him, well give to others in ways we never could on our own.

Nicole Hudgens

Nicole Hudgens is an intern at the Family Research Council.