Neal Boortz

Let’s see ... how was it the Fox News Channel  anchor phrased it?  Oh yeah.  Here we go:  “Bank of America is going to penalize some of its customers by charging them a fee for their checking accounts.”

“Penalize?”  Really?  and just how are they going to do this?  Do you mean these dastardly banks are going to charge these customers a fee for their checking account if they don’t maintain a high enough balance or use some other banking service? How horrible!  Burn these banks to the ground!

Amazing, isn’t it!  The language of the anti-capitalist left is even making its way onto the teleprompters of the evil right wing extremists of Fox News.  In todays parlance a bank doesn’t charge a consumer for a product; the bank “penalizes” the customer.  It’s not a fee for service, it’s a penalty.  Incredible.

The demonizing of banks started, of course, a long time ago.  Banks are the economic vascular system through which the lifeblood of the capitalist system flows.  This makes them the focus of all that is evil for the left.  Everybody knows (don’t they?) that Americans would be so much better off if the government had complete and absolute control over the flow of wealth through our economic system, but people just don’t seem to be ready to see the left nationalize the banks; at least not quite yet.  Perhaps a few thousand needless and burdensome regulations and no small amount of demonizing might grease the skids.

Neal Boortz

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