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The deficit super committee has now waved the white flag of defeat. They’ve thrown in the towel. They failed. And who among you thought it would be any other way?

So now the blame game begins. It’s all the Democrat’s fault because they wouldn’t go for entitlement reform. No! It’s the Republican’s fault because they won’t agree to any “revenues” – DemoSpeak for “tax increases.”

Bottom line? The super committee failed because the Democrats are philosophically wedded to the concept of raising taxes – but only on the evil rich. The Republicans knew that if they caved to taxes increases it would hand next year’s elections to the left. Remember Bush 41?

Why this Democrat dedication to tax increases? It’s certainly NOT to provide needed revenues to the federal government to reduce our debt or to pay for government programs. Historical data clearly shows that tax increases aren’t particularly useful for raising revenues. The purpose is twofold: First we have the traditional Democrat willingness to pander to wealth envy. Then we have the Democrat sacrament of income seizure and redistribution.

Know this: The idea that the Republicans are the ones who killed the super committee because they wouldn’t agree to new “revenues” is going to be the featured spin in the ObamaMedia. After all – they have a president to re-elect.

Watch carefully. Listen carefully. Read everything you can get your hands on. See if you EVER see anyone that could even be loosely defined as being part of the mainstream media mention these three Obama moments …

• The raise taxes out of “fairness” moment
• The “gotta spread the wealth around” moment
• The “you’ve made enough money” moment.

In each one of those instances Obama spoke of tax increases NOT in the context of the need for extra tax revenues for deficit reduction, but rather in the context of achieving a social goal through changes in tax policy. For Obama the tax code is as much a tool of social engineering as it is a method of raising revenue for the necessary and constitutionally appropriate functions of government.

If you’re not convinced, here are those three “moments” in more detail … complete with video. Raise Taxes out of Fairness:

The issue here was increasing capital gains taxes. Obama appeared on TV with Charlie Rose – hardly an interviewer you would expect to be tough on our Dear Ruler. Rose quizzed Obama on his plans for a capital gains tax increase:

Neal Boortz

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