Mike Adams

Author's Note: If you don't get this, then you aren't reading enough Walter Williams. Of course, one can never read enough Walter Williams.

I used to be caring and compassionate and liberal. I supported gun control and the “right” of the government to seize a large chunk of my paycheck in order to plan my retirement for me. But, somewhere, somehow, along life's twisted way, I became a greedy capitalist pig. And, truth be known, it's affecting my entire neighborhood.

It all started on New Year's Eve when my friend Adam came by to help me with a small project inside the house. On that Eve, Adam informed me that my property wasn't exactly looking like the Garden of Eden. He suggested that I take the time to paint my front porch, which was beginning to look a little worse for the wear. The winter was mild (and the porch was covered) so I decided to try and knock out the project before classes resumed for the spring semester.

Unfortunately, when I repainted the front porch, I noticed some rot around a leaking gutter. I called Adam to fix the rot and the gutter. Adam focuses on structural repairs and does the very thorough work I can't always do myself given my hectic speaking schedule.

After I finished painting the porch, I decided to go all the way around the house and paint all the trim and windows while I was at it. Truth be known, I was concerned that there might be other rotting areas that had popped up in the five years since I had last painted.

Sure enough, I found two rotted window sills. I had them fixed immediately. While the work was being done, my across-the-street neighbor came over to chat. Realizing he hadn't inspected his upstairs windows and trim in some time, he climbed a ladder and got to work on his house. We both appreciated each other's efforts. In a few short weeks, we both got to look across the street at a freshly painted house instead of a dingy one.

Both of my window rot problems were caused by bushes that had grown against the house and trapped moisture on the window sills. So I decided to have all my flower beds flipped and all the bushes in them trimmed back away from the house. With so much work to do, I enlisted the help of my friend Mark who owns a lawn care business. We managed to shape up the entire property in just a few weekends - just in time for the azaleas to bloom in the month of March. Were it not for my Colorado summers, my North Carolina springs would be my favorite time of year.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.