Mike Adams

Dear President Bowles:

I write to you today with a heavy heart. It seems that after years of promoting “tolerance” and “diversity” in the UNC system – with millions of dollars of tax-payer funds – we have failed to eliminate intolerance completely. And we have also failed to establish an educational environment that comforts all students at all times.

As you may already know, we recently thought we had the battle against intolerance won. This semester, UNC-Wilmington even had to cover a rock with offensive words like (offensive word deleted), (offensive word deleted), and (offensive word deleted) to create some intolerance to eliminate.

Of course, the university immediately spray-painted over the words to symbolize the fact that it was getting rid of hateful speech that was not actually being uttered in a spirit of hatred on our campus. In fact, naughty words like (offensive term deleted) were only being uttered by white liberals who planned to cover them immediately.

Now, it appears that some hate speech has actually been uttered here at UNC-We’re So Bored We Spray Paint (offensive term deleted) on Rocks (hereafter, UNCW). Unsurprisingly, the incident happened after we tried to advertise a speech by Dr. Frank Turek (see CrossExamined.org

). By the way, he’s from New Jersey so he should be treated as a member of a protected class.

After one of our College Democrats was placed on our College Republican mailing list as a joke - by fellow College Democrats who were as bored as the people painting (offensive term deleted) on rocks - he rudely demanded that we “stop emailing (him).” We’ve been having problems for years with College Democrats getting on our email list and sending rude messages.

So I responded by sarcastically by suggesting that their persistent tactic of signing up fellow Democrats for our list was proof of their intellectual superiority and maturity. (Author’s Note: This was done on the assumption that heavy sarcasm is not necessarily hate speech). Then, I politely invited them to come to one of our events to throw food. That joke was poorly received by a member of the College Democrats who mailed me the following (profanity has been del***d:

Hey f*** you, I bet you dont believe evolution either. How about you and your dumb f****** jesus freak friends go fall down some stairs.

ps how about you get John Mccain to give you a high five. (oh he cant lift his arms up) and also how about you go fight in the iraq war that you ignorantly support Good day, Matt

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.