Michelle  Moshelian

As an Israeli, I am 100 percent confident that Israel is doing its utmost to get rid of Hamas while trying its hardest not to harm civilians. Yet civilians have been killed, including children - the most innocent victims of all. People all over the world are outraged, and rightly so, when they see the images of devastation emerging from Gaza. I too am outraged. But the problem is that most people, unlike me, are blaming the wrong culprit - Israel. We pulled the trigger, but we are not the ones to blame.

So here’s a question to ponder for all you critics: If Israel is doing such a poor job as you claim, then presumably you can do better. Why aren’t you sending your troops to Gaza to eradicate Hamas in a manner in which not a single Palestinian civilian gets hurt? If you fail to even try, then do you deserve the right to criticize?

I could tell you all about the efforts Israel makes to warns Palestinian civilians to get out of the vicinity of terrorists via leaflets, telephone calls and roof knocking. I could tell you about how Hamas calls for civilians to ignore these warnings. Don't believe me? Read for yourself on the Palestinian government website. These messages are no longer just in Arabic, sending one message to the world and one to its people. No more of that pretense. This message is in English: "the ministry calling all our people not to deal or pay attention to the psychological warfare carried out by the occupation through rumors that broadcast across his media and delivering publications and communications on the phones of citizens"

I could go on about human shields, urging you to question why Hamas is launching rocket attacks from civilians area - schools hospitals etc. Even the UN admitted finding rockets in one of their schools in Gaza (and then apparently handed them over to Hamas but that is an entirely different story). And now the UN have admitted three times to finding rockets in schools. Fool me once, more fool you. Fool me twice, more fool me. Fool me three times ....

I could go on about ceasefires - how Israel has honored six ceasefires, while the Palestinians have failed to honor any. I could ask why it is that the apparent loser in this conflict is determined to continue? I could then descend into the abomination as to whether dead Palestinian children on tv screens is more valuable and important to Hamas than protecting those children.

Michelle Moshelian

Michelle Moshelian, is an ex-pat currently living in Israel.