Michael Schaus

One of Obamacare’s primary architects, MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, has explained away the millions who have lost their insurance as “genetic lottery winners” who should be responsible for funding insurance for the rest of the nation. He went on to describe our previous insurance system as “discriminatory” and added profoundly to the pile of lies Obamacare supporters have been amassing. Apparently Gruber decided it wasn’t enough to legislate millions of citizens out of their life-saving insurance – he felt like he should insult them as well.

Lie number 4,532 (roughly) regarding Obamacare was repeated again on MSNBC when Gruber suggested that employer sponsored coverage plans would be untouched by the recent rash of cancellations. According to the White House’s internal memos, however, employees with health coverage will also find themselves joining the ranks of the uninsured, as 51 million Americans lose their plans. (Then again, should we really trust the White House at this point? Maybe we should call this a “lowballed estimate”.)

Gruber outdoes himself a few short seconds later when he refers to the millions of Americans (political translation: potential voters) who lost their coverage as “genetic lottery winners.” Implying that the healthy consumers are mere anomalies of nature, and not healthy by virtue of their non-smoking, dietary-conscious, exercise-rich lifestyle is insulting enough. . . But calling Americans who just lost their cancer-killing healthcare a “genetic lottery winner” is a bit of an over-reach.

Millions of the Americans who are being dropped from their plans are the exact people Obama promised to help with his signature piece of legislation. But, because they are more than statistics, many of these consumers made the economically and fiscally responsible choice to purchase tailored insurance plans that catered to their pre-existing condition, without the added cost of trivial services like Sandra Fluke approved contraception coverage. And now these millions are being dropped. . . They are losing their life saving coverage and doctors because of Gruber’s perverse sense of “fairness”. . . Yeah, I bet they feel like real lottery winners alright.

(As a peripheral thought: How do you think Obamacare would have done in the legislature if Gruber’s comments were part of the sales pitch?)

Michael Schaus

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