Michael Brown

Rush Limbaugh has now confirmed what I wrote last week, explaining to a caller on Friday, November 18th that the elephant in the room in the Penn State scandal was that the alleged pedophile acts committed by Jerry Sandusky were homosexual in nature.

So much for those who scorned the suggestion, and kudos to Rush for speaking his mind.

Here’s the relevant background. On November 15th, two of my articles were posted online, “The Pedophile Elephant in the Gay Activist Closet” and “What Could End Rush Limbaugh’s Career?”

In the first article I stated that, “I personally believe that the great majority of homosexual men also deplore Sandusky’s alleged acts. At the same time, there is a very large pedophile elephant that is hiding in the gay activist closet.” (I was referring to the celebration of pederasty in gay history, along with the fact that a number of 20th century gay icons supported NAMBLA, the notorious North American Man Boy Love Association.)

As for Rush, I drew attention to a statement he made to a caller on November 8th about Penn State, namely, that, “Nobody has the guts to actually give the explanation for what was going on and why there was trepidation in reporting it, and that’s all I’ll say.”

In response to this I asked, “Could it be that the sex abuse scandal involved a man abusing boys, meaning that the acts were homosexual in nature? . . . Of course, the fact that there are homosexual pedophiles does not mean that all (or most) gays are child abusers. Certainly not! And yet even Rush Limbaugh, it appears, would not address this directly.”

After the National Organization for Marriage excerpted my article, gay websites like Equality Matters and Towel Road drew mocking attention to it, writing, “Brown, of course, had his own theory for what Limbaugh was referring to,” and RightWingWatch felt my words deserved to be scorned.

Michael Brown

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