Mark Davis

There is plenty of angst to go around as conservatives lament the surrenders that led to the most recent meaningless “deal” crafted between Democrats and their willing Republican accomplices.

But as we move forward amid a web of strategic arguments over how to proceed, it is important to close this month’s chapter with some clarity over what happened and what did not, what is true and what is false.

So toward that end, here are the Top 10 lies of the October Struggle:

1. We just dodged a nearly fatal economic bullet.

Please. The talk of default and unpaid bills was a complete load of hooey, a scare tactic part of a larger scheme-- the left’s narrative that any interruption in government largesse is to be viewed with the urgency of an approaching asteroid.

2. The American public was heavily against the conservative wing of the GOP.

Okay, I believe the polls that showed general disdain for even a 17 percent government slowdown. But this does not mean equal numbers of disapproval for what conservatism instructs in this ongoing scuffle.

Majorities still doubt Obamacare’s attributes. They know we are spending far too much. They oppose these constant upward prods to the debt limit.

Our task-- the very definition of leadership-- is to get people to see that bold measures are required if we are ever to see progress toward fiscal sanity.

Democrats are not going to suddenly nod and say, “Oh, we get it. Yes, dismantle Obamacare. cut spending deeply and lower the nation’s tax burden.” (Sadly, many Republicans will not say this either.)

So we will have to rely on that old adage: nothing succeeds like success. We must elect real conservatives to pass genuine conservative reforms so that their successes can enlighten the low-information voter and humble the statists.

3. This chapter has been ruinous for GOP chances for the Senate in 2014.

That election is still more than a year away. If Obamacare itself is not in tatters by then, its reputation will be. The incumbents and challengers who were on the right side of this issue and the debt debacle will be rewarded.

4. This chapter has been ruinous for the Republican presidential field in 2016.

Only for those who fail to deliver what an energized conservative base wants. Clones of McCain and Romney can save their time and money. GOP primary voters will be looking for a candidate that truly inspires. Throw in a possible battle against Hillary Clinton, and the search will be on for vigor and clarity.

5. This was horrible for the grassroots.