Lori Roman

Left-leaning elitist pundits are scratching their heads. After two weeks of liberals trying to convince women that Rick Santorum wants to rip the birth control out of their hands and put them in the kitchen, more and more women are supporting Rick Santorum. “How could this be?” they ask. Answer: We are smarter than you think.

Let me offer a little primer on American women to the liberal elitist folks who spend too much time in New York and Washington DC and not enough time where Femi-regulars live. “Femi-regulars” is a term I coined during the 2008 election when leftists just couldn’t grasp the appeal of gun-toting Sarah Palin. Palin, I explained, like most women, was a femi-regular, not a femi-nazi (a tag coined by Rush Limbaugh to label rabid, man- hating feminists).

Most women are femi-regulars. They are strong women who are too busy accomplishing important things to worry about the divide and conquer strategies of leftists. They are more interested in voting for principled, honest, strong, America-loving folks who will stand up to evil, advance liberty and let our free enterprise flourish—all things that they see in Rick Santorum. They don’t vote as women; they vote as Americans. Sure it doesn’t hurt that Santorum is obviously a loving and supportive husband and father, but they are voting for the person who will get the job done--they are not picking a husband.

Liberals constantly underestimate, ignore or demean such women—women like those I knew growing up in Michigan. I am proud to be the daughter and granddaughter of strong women who loved their husbands, nurtured their children, served their community and loved their country. The kind of women who had a spirit of giving and selflessness those elitists might deride, but that those who truly love their fellow citizens would applaud. The kind of women who didn’t feel it a sign of weakness to put others first and the kind of women who don’t feel that they must put men down in order to build themselves up. The kind of women who realize time spent whining is time wasted.

Femi-regulars are the kind of women who are smart enough to know the difference between a fight about religious liberty (the Obamacare mandate on religious institutions offering abortifacients) and a cocktail party discussion about the benefits of birth control. And the lefties and elitists will be shocked to know that more than a few femi-regulars like Rick Santorum because of his A+ rating with the National Rifle Association. You see, femi-regulars like me are not always easy to spot. My evening dress may not be hunter orange or camouflage, but don’t assume I don’t love the Second Amendment… or that I’m not a damn good shot.

Lori Roman

Lori Roman is the founder and president of Regular Folks United, Libertas Global Partners, and Conservative Speaker Bureau. She is the former executive director of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a public policy organization state legislators, members of Congress and members of the British and European Parliaments.