Larry Provost

As he was presenting evidence of the Soviet Union aggressively putting nuclear missiles in Cuba, Adlai Stevenson said “Shall we have a look?” in showing the world the Communist aggression. Today, shall we have a look at the trajectory of the Democratic Party since the days of liberal Governor Stevenson?

In 1956, the Lord’s Prayer was sung to close the Democratic National Convention that nominated Governor Stevenson. In 2012 God’s name was, for the first time, removed from the Democratic Party Platform during the re nomination of Barack Obama.

In 1947, Democratic President Harry Truman recognized the State of Israel. In 2013, Obama sold out Israel to Iran.

In 1960, John Kennedy ran on building up America’s military. In 2013, Obama is gutting the military that fought so hard in America’s longest wars and is putting those heroes involuntarily into the streets.

In 1960 JFK, a life member of the National Rifle Association, spoke of the importance of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Today, the Vice President tells nearly defenseless citizens to get merely a shotgun while his radical leftist allies clamor to take away proven methods of deterrent such as concealed carry, open carry, and duty to defend laws. It is also an interesting contrast that rich, liberal celebrities are able to obtain weapons while they hypocritically argue that the ordinary people should not be allowed to carry.

In 1961, President Kennedy stood up after the Bay of Pigs fiasco and said “I am the responsible officer of the government” and refused to publicly blame anyone else. Obama has his IRS officials and cabinet officers take blame. He blames technology or the government bureaucracy he helps to expand but he never takes absolute, sole responsibility the way Kennedy did. Obama even blames the American people and his predecessor into his second term (more on each of those below).

In the early 1960’s, the Justice Department was nearly the sole federal agency dedicated to ensuring all citizens being able to cast their ballots without fear. In 2009, Obama’s Justice Department dropped the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party.

Larry Provost

Larry Provost currently works in Washington, D.C.